Landslide repair in Oregon City

This site has experienced several slides. Previous owners implemented drainage and erosion control solutions that ultimately failed. GeoMechanics was hired to design this system of tied-back drilled shafts to reinforce the slope.

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Lots going on in Harlem 

Lots going on in Harlem where we designed and are inspecting CFA piles, caissons, soil cement mixed walls, and cantilevered soldier pile walls, while assisting in protecting the adjacent buildings.  

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Historic Rivoli Theater Borings Lead to Pit Underpinning Design

We performed borings in the historic Rivoli Theater in Pendleton, OR for an underpinning design. Structural drawings originally called for pile underpinning to lower the footing for a new orchestra pit but we found bedrock just a few feet down. Now this is being redesigned with pit underpinning.

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CFA Piles in Upper Manhattan

We are inspecting over 675 CFA piles for a high rise residential building in upper Manhattan. We have collaborated across offices to get this work done. Thanks to everyone for your assistance and perseverance on this large project!

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Congratulations to Staff Engineer Besart Hoxha!

Congratulations to Besart Hoxha for breezing through the EIT exam. Besart is a staff engineer in our Connecticut office. Besart graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.  

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GEODesign Moves its Vermont Office to Montpelier!

On July 1, GEODesign, Inc. moved to a state-of-the-art, riverfront office building along the Winooski River in beautiful Montpelier, Vermont. The new location, situated between Barr Hill Distillery and the Hunger Mountain Co-op, received an Excellence in Architecture award for its design and landscape integration upon its completion in 2005.    This investment marks an…

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