To meet the needs of our clients, we provide pragmatic, creative and responsive solutions. Our reputation has been built on the thousands of successful projects we have completed since our inception on the following project types:

  • Bridges
  • Brownfield Sites
  • Commercial/Industrial buildings
  • Dams and Levees
  • Dewatering
  • Excavations
  • Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring
  • Ground Improvement
  • Health Care facilities
  • High-rise buildings
  • Highways
  • Public and Private Schools
  • Pre-blast Surveys
  • Railways
  • Rapid Transit
  • Rock Blasting
  • Slopes

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Geotechnical Engineering

Our comprehensive geotechnical engineering services facilitate any and all aspects of your project from inception through completion. This includes feasibility, planning, and design followed by full services through construction and special inspections.


  • Geotechnical Reports
  • Subsurface Exploration Programs
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Seismic Analyses
  • Support of Excavation Design
  • Forensic Engineering and Expert Witness
  • Slope Stability Analysis
  • Peer Review
  • Earth and Rock Fill Dam Design and Evaluation
  • Emergency Response
  • Evaluation of Alternatives
  • Dewatering Design
  • Design to Minimize Environmental Contingencies
  • Design of Foundation Repairs
Environmental Consulting

Practical, cost-effective and environmentally sound solutions. We provide environmental services for the development of new sites and/or restoration and improvement to existing sites. In addition to our services, we also bring our network of industry contacts to each assignment including qualified contractors and laboratories.


  • Air Sampling
  • Asbestos Inspection and Management Planning
  • Environmental Regulatory Compliance
  • Auditing and Assistance
  • Permitting
  • Training
  • Environmental Site Assessments (Phases I, II and III)
  • Industrial Hygiene Services
  • Licensed Environmental Professional Services
  • Permitting and Management
  • Remedial Estimating Design and Implementation
  • Bioaugmentation Treatment and Encapsulation
  • Off-site Disposition
  • Product Recovery
  • Soil Gas Studies
  • State and Federal Funding Programs Hazardous Waste and Contaminated Soils Management
  • Underground Tank Services
Construction Engineering

Our construction engineering and geostructural engineering services support contractors needs during bidding, planning, design, construction and post-construction phases. Be it brainstorming concepts and preliminary designs at bid time, design of temporary structures, or every day problem solving, we strive to assist contractors to get their job done as cost-effectively and expeditiously as possible.


  • Alternate Designs
  • Claims Support
  • Cofferdams
  • Deep Foundation Design
  • Ground Anchor and Pile Load Testing
  • Pile Driving Analysis (WEAP)
  • Pre-bid Engineering
  • Rock Reinforcement
  • Sheeting/Shoring Design
  • Temporary Structures
  • Underpinning Design
  • Value Engineering
  • Work Trestles
Special Services

Under the umbrella of Special Services, we offer the following services:

  • Geotechnical Peer Review
  • Due Diligence
  • Forensics and Expert Witness
  • Claims Analysis and Consultation
  • Emergency Response

Geotechnical Peer Review

We provide collaborative peer review for projects involving geotechnical design and construction and also part of a due diligence process for real estate investors.  Example projects:

  • Winthrop Square, Boston, MA – a sixty story building in downtown Boston’s financial district with four levels of underground parking using the up down construction method
  • Martin’s Point Bridge, Portland, ME – 1,300 foot long design build project carrying US Rte 1 between Portland and Falmouth Foreside
  • State Pier Wind Energy Project, New London, CT – $250 million development of waterfront piers into a state-of-the-art heavy-lift capable port facility to support three offshore wind projects totaling more than 1,700 MW

Due Diligence

We provide pre-purchase/investment review of geotechnical aspects of real estate development projects.  Example projects:

  • Multiple warehouse facilities ranging from 320,000 to 930,000 square feet, Linden, NJ
  • Multi-story Residential Building, Revere, MA – five story building designed for support on foundation soils improved with rammed aggregate piers
  • Basement Drainage Design, Washington, DC – two story underground parking 18 feet below the water table and 25 feet below flood level
  • Mid-rise Building, North Bergen, NJ – analysis of existing building settlement, projection of future settlement and remedial options

Forensics and Expert Witness

We provide forensic analysis, expert witness in mediation/arbitration/litigation disputes.  Example projects:

  • Millennium Tower, San Francisco – evaluation and mediation testimony of 58 story building settlement, foundation performance and remedial options
  • Building Settlement, Hospital Building, Manhattan, NY – evaluation and mediation testimony for claim relating to excavation for a new building with a two level basement with sheet pile excavation support system and settlement of adjacent building
  • Central Artery Project, Boston, MA – review and analysis of movement of 60 foot deep cut and cover tied-back soil mix wall excavation where third harbor tunnel enters Logan International Airport; taxiway settlement
  • Cofferdam, Mississippi River, Memphis, TN – review and analysis of contractor claim involving defective cofferdam construction, seismic retrofit of Route 40 Bridge piers
  • South Carolina Aquarium, Charleston, SC – review and analysis of foundation damage associated with ground movement of submerged slope along the Cooper River
  • Excavation Support System Failure, New Orleans, LA
  • Excavation Support System Failure, Miami, FL
  • Slope Instability, Municipal Marine Facility, Glastonbury, CT – review and analysis of slope movement along the Connecticut River during construction of building and site improvements
  • Foundation Settlement, Newark, NJ – review and analysis of settlement and underpinning repair of drilled shaft foundation for multi-story building and parking garage
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant, Baltimore, MD – claim relative to installation of several thousand pilings
  • Earthwork Claim, Industrial Project, Milford, CT – consultation to owner related to contractor claim for additional earthwork costs
  • Pipe Settlement, Portsmouth, NH – review and analysis of cause of large diameter utility pipe settlement
  • Pier Collapse, Philadelphia, PA – review and analysis of Delaware River pier collapse involving fatalities
  • Ferry Terminal Bulkhead Failure, Glen Cove, NY – review and analysis of movement and failure of steel sheet pile bulkhead

Claims Analysis and Consultation

  • Rock Removal Claim, Rockland County, NY – assist owner and attorneys with contractor claim.  Assembled team including subconsultant for review and analysis of claim and alleged damages
  • Obstructions During Pile Installation, Kew Gardens Queens, NY – review and analysis of claim for contractor
  • Obstructions During Pile Installation, Canarsie, Brookyn, NY – review and analysis of claim for contractor
  • Earth Support Systems, Tennessee Department of Transportation, Chattanooga and Macon County SR10 – review and analysis of two separate claims by contractors requesting additional compensation
  • Tomlinson Bridge, New Haven, CT – consultation and review of geotechnical aspects of a $120 million claim against State of Connecticut (client) by contractor dismissed from troubled project
  • Differing Site Conditions Claim, Hydroelectic Power Project Landslide, Boliva, S.A.

Emergency Response

We provide emergency response for clients, most frequently following a storm event.  Examples include:

  • Tropical Storm Irene, Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) – triaged sites, developed on the spot designs to repair highway and railroad bridges, roadway embankments and slopes that were taken out of service following historic flooding
  • MetroNorth Commuter Railroad – developed slope stabilization scheme following Tropical Storm Irene induced landslide causing earth and mud to bury the tracks of the Hudson Line, shutting down service just north of Manhattan in the Riverdale section of the Bronx
  • GEODesign provided emergency engineering services to repair damage caused by Hurricane Ida at the TPC River Highlands Golf Course in Cromwell, CT.  Stormwater washed away a portion of the riverbank into Connecticut River, leaving a “washout” measuring approximately 60 feet deep, 90 feet across the riverbank, and 75 feet into the slope.  A railroad track and an underground jet fuel line, directly adjacent to the golf course, were undermined and left hanging in the air.  Both the railroad and the fuel line had to suspend their services.  GEODesign performed soil borings and stability analyses, and helped to engineer a solution involving geo-synthetic reinforcement and riprap protection.
"The geotechnical issues on the Martin’s Point Bridge project were many and quite complex. It was great having GEODesign in a peer review capacity… their extensive experience ensured that we got it right!”

Steven M. Hodgdon, (former) Project Manager, VHB 

“A 100 year old problem in search of an innovative engineering solution, GEODesign delivered solutions that worked and required minimal track outages and impacts to our operations and daily commuters. All in all a successful project for all parties concerned.”

Colm R. Saunders, Assistant Director – Capital Programs, MTA Metro North Railroad

“Following Tropical Storm Irene, one of the most challenging times in the history of Vermont, GEODesign performed with excellence, responsiveness and a much needed breadth of geotechnical services. Their engineers mobilized within hours, brought amazing competence and collaborated with roadway engineers, contractors, maintenance personnel to develop solutions to restore fully functional infrastructure.”

Christopher D. Baker, Principal Associate, Hardesty & Hanover, LLC 

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