Ulrich LaFosse, P.E.

When and how did you know that you wanted to be an engineer? 

Mid-way through a liberal arts college education, after signing up for a mid-level engineering class with no prerequisites, I decided that engineering would allow me to apply and curiosity about the physical world around me and apply my enjoyment of physics.

What made you decide to start your own business?

I felt that the experience would bring me and my partner rewarding challenges, allow me to have more independence, and I also “Knew” that if I did not at least attempt it I would live to regret it.

What do you consider most satisfying about your job?

Working collaboratively with younger professional and peers in providing innovative designs or advice that helps our clients meet their objectives.

What is your most memorable project?

Professionally: using deep blasting to protect a weak site from earthquake-induced liquefaction; personally: researching, learning about, building and finally test flying an IFR-capable airplane. In made some memorable and lasting friendships in the process and also learned about myself.

How do you define success?

As broadly as I am able to, while remaining pragmatic as a breadwinner and father.  I also hope to touch lives in some small way, particularly the lives of the people who have not experienced good fortune in their personal or work lives.

What matters most to you?

Family, friends and work accomplishments one can feel proud to have been a part of.

What can you say about lessons learned?

I have learned that by putting your heart into whatever projects you are involved in you get the most enjoyment and sharing this energy with those around you as well as giving back brings the most lasting fulfillment.

What are your favorite hobby/hobbies?

I enjoy nature, music, and learning about the myriad of wonderful knowledge that is so readily available in today’s web-connected world. In the past, I greatly enjoyed introducing teen agers to the joys of flying in a small aircraft

What value do you feel you bring to the organization?

An ability to see prospective and active projects in a way that brings a varied perspective, and is helpful, and as beneficial as possible, to stakeholders (colleagues, clients, regulators, etc.)


B.S., 1980, Civil Engineering (structural specialization), University of Connecticut

M.S., 1982, Civil Engineering (geotechnical specialization), University of Connecticut

Professional Registration

1986 Civil Engineering CT, MA, NY, and VT.

"The geotechnical issues on the Martin’s Point Bridge project were many and quite complex. It was great having GEODesign in a peer review capacity… their extensive experience ensured that we got it right!”

Steven M. Hodgdon, (former) Project Manager, VHB 

“A 100 year old problem in search of an innovative engineering solution, GEODesign delivered solutions that worked and required minimal track outages and impacts to our operations and daily commuters. All in all a successful project for all parties concerned.”

Colm R. Saunders, Assistant Director – Capital Programs, MTA Metro North Railroad

“Following Tropical Storm Irene, one of the most challenging times in the history of Vermont, GEODesign performed with excellence, responsiveness and a much needed breadth of geotechnical services. Their engineers mobilized within hours, brought amazing competence and collaborated with roadway engineers, contractors, maintenance personnel to develop solutions to restore fully functional infrastructure.”

Christopher D. Baker, Principal Associate, Hardesty & Hanover, LLC 

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