“Be True to Your School” 

(The Beach Boys | Songwriters: Brian Wilson and Mike Love)


School Development, Connecticut


Originally built in 1925, this Connecticut high school has undergone several additions, alterations and renovations resulting in a 175,000 square foot facility on nine acres serving over 1,000 students and serving as a pillar of the community. The state and town committed $126M to renovate the facility through demolition of the majority of the existing building and constructing a new 236,000 square foot campus.

GEODesign’s role was initially as the geotechnical consultant. Soon after construction began, it was determined that several areas of the project site were underlain by materials impacted by various environmental constituents from former site uses. GEODesign’s environmental group was able to seamlessly coordinate with our geotechnical engineers and provide advice to the owner and architect on how best to manage these materials.

School Development, Connecticut

As geotechnical consultant, we performed a subsurface exploration program and made recommendations for foundation and earthwork. During construction, our field engineers provided on-site observation of unsuitable fill removal, and foundation subgrade preparation and compaction.

Early geotechnical samples were analyzed for environmental parameters. We designed and performed surface and subsurface sampling for environmental constituents to characterize surplus construction soils. Soil management plans were developed to provide guidance to the general and excavation contractors. We explored cost-saving alternatives for surplus soil disposal and monitored air quality for protection of workers and the surrounding community.

The Solutions Unearthed


Client: Antinozzi Associates, Architects

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