Salem Harbor Offshore Wind Port

Paving the Way for Renewable Energy

The Salem Offshore Wind Terminal will serve as a critical piece of infrastructure for the development of offshore wind in the Northeast United States. GEODesign served a vital role in ensuring the site, which contains thick layers of soft, compressible soils, can support the heavy components of wind turbines while they are waiting to be shipped offshore and assembled. GEODesign worked closely with the design team and the site developer to produce a cost-effective and constructible design that would meet the needs of a variety of future offshore wind developers.

Salem Harbor Offshore Wind Port

GEODesign was retained as the lead geotechnical engineer for redevelopment of this 42 acre site in Salem, Massachusetts, which will become a marine terminal providing heavy-lift deployment and logistics services for offshore wind infrastructure in the Northeast United States. The history of the site, much of which is situated on reclaimed land, dates back to the 1790s. Most recently, the site contained a coal and oil-fired power plant.

The scope of the project included landside improvements for storage of wind turbine components, as well as various wharf structures for berthing and mooring of transport vessels and wind turbine installation vessels. Historic and new subsurface investigations indicated a complex soil profile consisting of uncontrolled fill, organics, soft clays, and highly variable bedrock depths.

The Solutions Unearthed

Due to the low bearing capacity of the clay, underwater deep soil mixing was specified at locations in the harbor to achieve sufficient bearing capacity for jack-up vessels.

Client: Crowley Wind Services, Inc.

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