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SAB Municipal Airfield Runway Extension


In remote communities, airports are a vital link to life-saving healthcare. Runway Length Analysis of the Stephen A. Bean municipal airport in Rangeley, Maine revealed the existing runway was inadequate for LifeFlight of Maine to safely and reliably provide life-saving services. Through funding from the Federal Aviation Administration, the Town of Rangeley completed a renovation of the SAB airport including a 1,100-foot runway extension. The new 4,300-foot runway provides the adequate runway length for emergency aircraft operations and improves their accessibility to this region. This project highlights how airports are a critical piece of the healthcare infrastructure.

SAB Municipal Airfield Runway Extension

We provided geotechnical engineering services for the approximately 1,100-foot extension of Runway 14-32 at the SAB Municipal Airfield. Project highlights included the design and construction of 1.5H:1V embankments, one of which was 75 feet tall, to support the runway extensions while limiting encroachment on adjacent wetlands and properties. Additionally, the borrow source for the 440,000 cubic yards of material needed to construct the embankments was mined from an immediately adjacent town-owned property, limiting the need to truck fill material to the site.

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Client: DuBois & King, Inc.

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