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Roslyn Grist Mill


The Roslyn Grist Mill in Roslyn, New York was built in the mid-1700s and is one of the few surviving Dutch colonial framed buildings in the United States. The water-powered mill, which is listed on the national register of historic places, was operational for over 150 years until it was converted into a tea house. In 1974, the building was taken over by the Nassau County parks department and suffered significant deterioration due to lack of maintenance and tidal flooding from Hempstead Harbor. In 2016, the Roslyn Landmark Society began a fundraising campaign to restore the building for use as an educational center.

Roslyn Grist Mill

In the years since the mill was operational, the street in front of the building was raised approximately 4 feet. As part of the restoration, the mill was permanently raised to match the current street level and to alleviate the tidal flooding from Hempstead Harbor, located immediately behind the mill. The project also included restoration of the building interior and exterior and installation of a new foundation.

GEODesign performed design analyses and prepared drawings for new concrete foundations, a temporary construction ramp for site access, and a temporary berm to reduce tidal impacts during construction.

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Client: Roslyn Landmarks Society

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