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Rockfall Drape Protection

Stabilization of a 30 foot high rock wall

A 30 foot high rock wall in New York City was determined to have fracture planes dipping towards the rock face and an adjacent property. There were concerns that rockfalls could injury tenants or damage property. A rockfall drape system was determined to be the most cost effective remediation for the very limited construction access conditions.

Rockfall Drape Protection

GEODesign provided design and construction services for remediation of a 30 foot high rock wall. Test borings and geophysical borehole logging were used to evaluate the rock fracture patterns, which indicated dipping towards the adjacent property. GEODesign evaluated various rock remediation options and determined that a rockfall drape system is the best option for the site conditions.

The Solutions Unearthed

Client: Artimus Construction Inc.

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