“See-saw, lifting you high, swings that let you touch the sky”

(The Playground, Tony Bennett | Songwriters: Bergman/Evans)


Playground And Comfort Station – Gateway Park


A new community park located adjacent to the Gateway Estates housing development in East New York, Brooklyn, New York was constructed in 2018. The park is a key feature of this housing development which provides over 2,000 affordable homes. The park, designed by Nancy Owens Studio, includes a 600 square foot comfort station, designed by nArchitects, a 20,000 square foot playground with retaining walls, varied play structures and swings, and a water play feature.

Playground And Comfort Station – Gateway Park

Serving as the geotechnical consultant, we developed the subsurface exploration program for the project and performed test borings and geotechnical analysis. Challenges included soft soil conditions, environmental concerns and a tight schedule.

The Solutions Unearthed


Client: New York City Parks  |  Nancy Owen’s Studio, LLC

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