“Take me to the river”

(Songwriter: Al Green & Teenie Hodges)


Former Hudson River Industrial Site


The beauty of the Hudson River and surroundings is well known and epitomized by the Hudson River School of mid-19th century American painters.  The Hudson also historically served as an essential industrial, manufacturing and transportation corridor. Today, many of these businesses are gone and the land appears to have reverted back to nature. However, many locations retain the imprint of their former occupation in the form of environmental impacts to land and water.

Former Hudson River Industrial Site

Serving as the environmental consultant, we represented the owner/developer’s interests at the negotiating table during a multi-million-dollar deal to transact a 500+ acre riverfront parcel. The land had a more than 100-year history of mining and brick and concrete manufacturing. The buyer had performed preliminary environmental investigations and identified millions of dollars in remediation costs. These costs had the potential to significantly discount the property value and our client’s profits.

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