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Essex Crossing


Essex Crossing is an unprecedented (and recently opened) development in the heart of Manhattan’s Lower East Side in New York City. Spread over 1.9 million square feet, it comprises nine sites. Having sat mostly vacant since 1967, we were tasked with investigating the sub-surface to explore existing conditions and then develop foundation design solutions. Challenging site conditions, adjacent subways and fragile waterproofing systems were just a few of the obstacles—a tight schedule was another. We stayed on-site throughout the entire project to handle unforeseen conditions during excavation and help expedite any delays. Our work secured what had previously been built and laid the groundwork for a solid and stable future for the new development.

Essex Crossing

The $1.1 billion Essex Crossing project will include over 1,000 new residences, 450,000 square feet of retail, 400,000 square feet of office space, community attractions, and green spaces. We have been providing geotechnical engineering, support of excavation (SOE), and construction services for almost all buildings being constructed by Delancey Street Associates. This includes L&M Development Partners, BFC Partners, and Taconic Investment Partners.

We performed subsurface investigations and developed cost-effective mat foundations for four buildings that rise up to 26 stories. One building, located at the corner of Delancey and Essex streets, had a sub-cellar level, a challenging core location, and subways located along two sides of the property.

Many of the sites were located adjacent to a subway station. We were responsible for obtaining approval from NYC Transit to construct the excavations and buildings. The proximity of a site to the subway can present challenges for designing SOE and foundation systems that will be acceptable to the NYC transit outside projects engineers.

The Solutions Unearthed

Client: L&M Development Partners | BFC Partners | Taconic Investment Partners

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