“Castles Made of Sand”

(Songwriter: Jimi Hendrix)

Arverne East

Footprint In The Sand

Arverne East, in Far Rockaway, Queens, is a 116 acre oceanfront redevelopment, containing many new buildings over multiple city blocks with roadway enhancements. GEODesign provided geotechnical engineering design services, which included foundation solutions and surcharge evaluations, and construction support.

Arverne East

When complete, this 116-acre Far Rockaway, Queens development will include 1,650 units of housing with 1,320 affordable units, 10 multi-story mixed residential and commercial buildings, fill placement up to 10 feet, new roadways, new pedestrian and bicycle boardwalks, and environmental education areas. GEODesign was retained to provide a wide range of geotechnical engineering and construction support services.

The Solutions Unearthed

Client: L&M

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