Amtrak Albany Rock Slope Stabilization

Maintaining Safe Passage to Amtrak’s Customers

Two rock slopes that are approximately 1,400 feet long, located on Amtrak’s Empire Line near mile post AR-129 and AR-130, in Schodack Landing and Stuyvesant, New York, have experienced several rockfalls over a relatively short time period. Inadequate catchment areas at both locations has resulted in fouling of the tracks and train delays.

Slide detection fences have been installed at the slope toe to monitor rock fall events. Amtrak’s track department have to frequently clear fallen debris within the catchment areas. The frequent rock falls, frequent clearing of the catchment areas, and slide detection fence false alarms, have made slope stability a priority.


Amtrak Albany Rock Slope Stabilization

GEODesign was retained by Amtrak as the prime consultant to develop cost effective rockfall remediation designs that can be constructed within the limited confines of an operating railroad while minimizing schedule impacts to the traveling public.

The Solutions Unearthed

Client:  National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak)

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