355 West 39th Street, Manhattan

Soil-Cement Mixed Columns are the Answer!

A new 12 story building in the heart of New York City uses a relatively unique foundation for New York City. GEODesign designed a ground improvement program consisting of soil-cement mixed columns so that a mat foundation could be installed; thereby avoiding caisson piles, which saved the client time and money.

355 West 39th Street, Manhattan

GEODesign was retained to provide geotechnical engineering services for a new 12-story building. The subsurface conditions included uncontrolled fill, up to 10 feet of organic clay, and rock at a depth of approximately 35 feet. Consideration was initially given to a mat foundation bearing on the organic clay; however, the building settlement amount was not acceptable. Recommendations were given for a mat foundation bearing on the soil below the organics, a pile foundation, or a mat foundation bearing on improved soil. 

The Solutions Unearthed

Client:  399 Hudson Yards LLC

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