GEODesign Uses Geofoam to Reduce Roadway Load—the First in Vermont

The natural engineering tendency when posed with a loading problem is to find a way to support it. We have learned, however, that it is equally good question to ask is: Can the load be reduced? This applies to both seismic analyses and static analyses. The James Road project in Weybridge, Vermont is an excellent…

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Wick Drains Expedite Learning at Goodwin College’s Connecticut River Academy

Construction is underway on the $57M, 103K square-foot Connecticut River Academy that will serve as a science and environmental magnet high school in East Hartford, Connecticut. GEODesign served as the project’s geotechnical engineer for design and construction of the foundations for the four-story academic building and precast concrete parking garage on Goodwin College’s campus. Wick drains…

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Perspective on Mold—Hype and Corrective Action

Mold continues to be a big headache for property owners, managers, architects, engineers, and builders. The media blitz has created a very serious “perceived epidemic” to the general public. Before you jump into the sea of hysteria, you should educate yourself with the facts. Mold is not a new public health or property damage issue.…

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